Most parents donít realize the influence they have over their kids. While todayís mass media can shape young attitudes and beliefs, kids are also directly influenced by the behavior of parents and siblings. Research studies suggest that children of parents who participate in high risk drinking are more likely to mirror this behavior themselves.

Drinking in moderation and maintaining a clear, consistent message about alcohol use will encourage your teens to make the right decisions about their health. Here are a few tips for parents:


Be a role model for your child by drinking in moderation.
Never provide underage drinkers with alcohol or condone underage drinking in your home.
Know where your alcohol is. Restrict teen access to alcohol and closely monitor adult use.
Be clear that you do not want your teens to drink alcohol until they are 21 years old.
Communicate with your kids. Get to know their friends and encourage them to ask questions about drinking.
Donít ask your child to fetch or prepare a drink for you. This sends mixed messages.


Explain your reasons for not drinking, whether they are religious, health related, or due to family history.
Never provide underage drinkers with alcohol or condone this behavior in your home.
Encourage your teens to talk with you if they have questions about why you choose not to drink.
Explain that when they are 21, if they should decide to drink, they should do so in moderation.

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