Today, teens are bombarded with alcohol marketing messages through print, Web and broadcast media, as well as movies and video games. With binge drinking so prevalent in pop culture, many teens are unaware of the health dangers or donít consider bingeing a dangerous behavior. Letís dispel some of the popular myths about drinking:
Myth: Binge Drinking is 10 or More Drinks
Fact: Binge drinking is 4-5 drinks in a two-hour span.
Myth: Alcohol Canít Hurt Me
Fact: An estimated 7,000 people under the age of 21 die from alcohol-related injuries every year. This includes alcohol poisoning, which can lead to coma and death.
Myth: Alcoholism Only Affects Adults
Fact: Young binge drinkers often become old binge drinkers. Teens who begin binge drinking in their teens are more likely to develop long-term alcohol problems.
Myth: I Canít Get in Trouble for ďJust DrinkingĒ
Fact: Possessing alcohol in Santa Cruz when youíre underage can lead to misdemeanor fines and driverís license suspension.
Myth: Coffee Can Sober Me Up
Fact: Drinking coffee or taking a shower won't help sober you up. Only time rids the body of alcohol.
Myth: The relaxed attitude to alcohol consumption in Europe leads to lower rates of alcohol abuse and health problems.
Fact: European countries have high rates of alcoholism and higher rates of health problems related to alcohol, including cirrhosis of the liver and heart conditions.



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