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By Mary Lou Goeke
As We See It: Why we can't ignore teen drinking, drug use Sentinel Staff Report



Watch the Video Wasted: The Truth Of Underage Drinking in Santa Cruz County

Teens in Santa Cruz County came together to create a documentary on underage drinking in our community. "Wasted" tells the true story of how youth access. Watch the video here.

Watch our Video "Wasted"

Project CURB is a community outreach initiative started by local teens and adults to reduce binge and underage drinking in Santa Cruz County. Why do we need Project CURB? Santa Cruz teens now rank in the top ten for alcohol use and are among the highest in binge drinking rates in California. Shocking right? These statistics prompted the community to mobilize and develop Project CURB.

Project CURB's goals are to dispel myths about binge drinking, limit youth access to alcohol and to reduce alcohol-related incidents of injury and death by combining media and retailer awareness, policy change and enforcement strategies. Join us in the fight.


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